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Although Invisalign is a teeth straightening product that has been around for quite some time, Invisalign Teen is a product that has been recently branded with teens in mind specifically.

Braces have always been the main option for teeth straightening methods, but Invisalign seems to be the modern go-to method for a lot of individuals these days, as it offers a more versatile and “invisible” way in which to straighten your teeth.

Teens are already dealing with a myriad of image changes, so having an option such as this lessens the social awkwardness that one can sometimes feel with the more traditional method of straightening your teeth through braces.

Teens also leave very active, and often social lives. From sports teams to drama class, to dance, music, and a variety of other involved activities. As such, teenagers don’t often wants to be fixed to a rigid teeth straightening system, and with Invisalign Teen – it gives them the flexibility they might desire apart from traditional braces.

That being said, Invisalign Teen is not for everyone. Sometimes there are other oral structural issues that need to be addressed apart from displaced or crooked teeth.

Understanding Invisalign Teen

Invisalign is a method by which your teeth are gradually straightened with “retainer” style aligners. These aligners are intended to be worn 24/7, only being removed during eating and brushing. However, as it pertains to teens, the flexibility to remove the aligners for sporting events, or speaking events as mentioned, is something they can choose to exercise. It will just slow the straightening process.

Teen Invisalign, as with “regular” Invisalign, are retainers made of clear plastic, which is one of the many draws to this product as it is virtually invisible. They are comfortable to wear with little issues to be concerned of.

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