Head to the toothbrush counter if you feel the need to be overwhelmed. This aisle is stocked full of toothbrushes from: hard, soft, medium, electric, manual, sonic, battery operated …and the list goes on! So knowing which one is best for you can be a combination of guesswork and information you might have heard your dentist mention in passing.

To better assist your choices, and to prevent you from actually damaging your enamel or gums with a toothbrush that is too hard for and on your teeth, here are some guidelines when hunting for the bristles that will keep your smile bright and healthy.

  • Go soft.  A soft bristled brush will clean your teeth effectively, remove plaque and other food particles, and maintain your smile nicely.
  • Go small. A small-headed brush is choice as it allows you to cover small spaces and hidden corners of your mouth.
  • Basic or “fandangled” …it’s your choice. Colour, style, raised or flat bristles …those types of features are all dependent on your comfort and cleaning style.
  • Power up. It’s actually one of the options that we feel is a beneficial one. The vibration of an electric or sonic toothbrush can truly facilitate the cleaning process and allow for a “better clean” without as much intentional brushing required. Although we caution you not to get “lazy” thinking that it will do all the work for you, or that it takes away from the necessity of flossing. Although it might provide a better overall clean, you will still need to pay close attention to corners and crevices, and of course floss afterwards.

Replacing your toothbrush should also be addressed, as we find a lot of individuals hold on to theirs a little too long. Every three months is a good time-frame and lifespan for any toothbrush (or toothbrush head for your electric brush). Also, consider replacing your toothbrush if you have been sick or have had any tooth decay, you don’t want to be spreading this around your mouth on a daily basis.

Even adults need a refresher on the tricks and techniques of optimal teeth brushing, so don’t be shy in asking for a refresher the next time you’re in for an appointment. Any one of our many Dentists R Us offices will have the help you need in order to ensure your smile is maintained beautifully!

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