Wisdom teeth removal seems to be a regular process for dental professionals everywhere, seemingly a very standard procedure everyone undergoes at one time or another. But does this have to be the case?

Preventive Efforts to Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth

As with the removal of any teeth, prevention is key in order to keep your teeth, ensuring they are healthy and a beneficial part of your oral landscape.

Even though your wisdom teeth might not provide you with any pain or concerns at present, your wisdom teeth are often impacted unknowingly. However, once they do begin to cause you pain, the process to remove them may require more dental work than if you had addressed them before they became a concern.

Keeping as many of your natural teeth is important, so weeding out the potentially damaging ones, in order to keep all the others, has been the mindset of the dental community.

So When DO You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

With regular dental visits, your dentist will be able to detect when your wisdom teeth are coming in, and how they are growing. From that point, they will make suggestions as to how you might want to proceed with the removal. This normally occurs between ages 18-24.

As mentioned, it is best to guard against future damage to other teeth and to your jaw, minimize the risk of inflamed gums, sinus issues, or alignment concerns …so having your wisdom teeth removed often makes the best sense financially and for future health benefits.

At DentistsRUs, we want to help you maintain your oral health throughout every phase of growth. So feel free to call or click any one of our dental professionals across the Lower Mainland, and keep your oral care in optimal condition!

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