The Christmas holidays are full of fun gatherings, festive events and re-uniting with friends and family. But with all the hustle and bustle also comes altered schedules and a break in routine, which can lead to oral health concerns that may put a dent in your holiday plans.

That is why, as much as it is important to maintain whatever traditions your family participates in over the holidays, it is also important not to forget to attend to your oral health despite the late nights and distractions that come with them.

How to Stay on Top of Your Oral Health During a Hectic Season

We understand that it can be overwhelming for a lot of people to deal with all the happenings of the holidays, and urge all our readers to check in with yourself throughout each day to ensure you are keeping your sense calm in tact, and make a mental checklist of healthy choices for the day.


Did you know we often hold our breath when we are busy or stressed? This puts your body into an increased position of stress, and so breathing might be the single most important this you can do this season.


Late nights and full schedules might have you wanting to forget about brushing your teeth until the morning, but resist that urge. 8 hours of plaque buildup and food particles sitting on and in-between your teeth can lead to concerns you truly won’t want to deal with after the holidays are through. And a tooth infection or cavity creation over the holidays is even less fun than other less-busy times of the year. So take the minute or two, and be sure to brush your teeth before bed …and don’t forget to floss too!

Check-In for a Checkup

Not only is it a good idea to have your family scheduled in for a dental examination before the holidays to ensure there are no brewing oral concerns, but it is also a great time to get in your last minute dental claims, and use up the remainder of your dental insurance before it renews for 2016.

At DentistsRUs, we provide you with a list of dental professionals across the Lower Mainland for convenience and quality assurance. Whether you or one of your out-of-town family members needs to come in to see a dentist, we are here to help at a moments notice. Feel free to give any of our locations a call, and we will make every effort to attend to your oral needs before the holidays so they can be both merry AND bright!

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