A cracked tooth can be concerning and can quickly lead to a chipped tooth or cause considerable discomfort if not addressed promptly, so at DentistsRUs – we wanted to tackle the concerns of a cracked tooth before it becomes an issue!

Why Do Teeth Crack
Teeth can crack due to biting down on a hard piece of food, or be caused by blunt force trauma, or it can be the result of a large filling that has weaken the tooth over time. Regardless of why your tooth has cracked, you will want to have it addressed quickly to prevent further oral damage and discomfort.

How To Treat a Cracked Tooth
A dental professional is the only person who can actually treat a cracked tooth, and it is not something you want to try and address with any form of home remedy.

Although a cracked tooth may not cause immediate pain, it can quickly lead to exposing the root of that tooth due to the enamel being split, resulting in a very uncomfortable oral condition.

So treat your cracked tooth by visiting a dental professional right away and have it fixed before it leads to a very uncomfortable disruption.

Dental Treatments for a Cracked Tooth
A surface crack can be corrected quickly usually with a crown. However, deeper cracks will often require a root canal along with a crown to provide strength for that tooth, and to ensure it doesn’t crack again. Your dental professional can tell you which treatment is best for your cracked tooth, and ensure you are cared for in a way that will provide lasting results.

Understanding your options is important, and one of our DentistsRUs dental professionals will be happy to provide you with such options and help you understand what to expect.

So call or click on one of our dental professionals today to assist you with your cracked tooth, and ensure your oral health is top notch for Christmas and the New Year to come!

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