It would seem like a safe bet that every child across Metro Vancouver is counting down the days to spring break – and rightfully so. With 2 full weeks off of school and the promise of milder weather, it provides endless opportunities to play at will.

However, as a parent perhaps it is an overwhelming thought with a big “unknown” for how you are going to be able to entertain your child for this duration of time. Which is why DentistsRUs wanted to provide you with these ideas on ‘How To Create Memorable Smiles During Spring Break’!

Road Trip Smiles!
Who doesn’t like a road trip? With so many amazing things to do and see around the Lower Mainland, going on a road trip does not even need to require a suitcase. There are plenty of places to go within 1-2 hours driving time outside of Metro Vancouver; from a jaunt out to Squamish providing endless outdoor play activities, to a trip to Harrison’s natural spring pool, followed by an all-day breakfast at one of the diners, and a stroll on the beach to walk it off afterwards …road trip options around here are plentiful and sure to provide ample smiles for all!

Serving Smiles!
This one requires a little more thought, but at DentistsRUs we are big on community care, and helping those in need would truly create both a memorable experience for you and your child, as well as create a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Build a Family Tree!
Kids are endlessly curious about where they came from and who their family is. From far-flung cousins to great aunts, spring break is a great time to take a trip down memory lane and piece together the family tree, or hop in the car to hear all about it from Grandma. Perhaps even ancestors could be uncovered and a whole new family dimension unveiled!

Indoor Camping!
Why not set up a tent and enjoy the great indoors by pretending that you’re outdoors! Less packing and cold weather without foregoing an experience!

Last but not least, and perhaps our personal favourite – a checkup at the dentist’s office! Hey, it’s not as bad as one might think, and it’s actually an excellent time for the whole family to get into one of our many Lower Mainland dental offices and ensure those smiles are not only memorable – but also healthy!

We look forward to serving you this spring ☺

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