At DentistsRUs, we always want to ensure our patients walk into our offices worry-free, and walk out of our offices happy. Creating an environment of mental ease and physical comfort is important to each and every one of our dentists, and we understand that whether you are a parent who wants your child to feel at ease, or you are a patient who will be in need of calming, we feel that information is the first step to keeping you calm.

Dissecting Dental Fear
Dental fear might be one of the most common anxieties, both in children as well as adults. We have all experienced the anxiety in a dental office waiting room, listening in to the sound of drills or the smell of fluoride – creating nervous tension before you even get into the treatment area.

Whether you have had a bad experience or have had no experience at all, the known and the unknown alike can both be equally frightening.

So to better prepare you, DentistsRUs wants to help ease your mind and calm your fears with these 3 simple steps you or your child can take to have a positive, fear-free experience within any of our modern dental office practices in the Lower Mainland…

◦ Feel free to get acquainted a few minutes before your first appointment, have a look around, meet our friendly front office staff, and ask as many questions you feel necessary.
◦ Choose the office that’s right for you within our variety of dental offices across Metro Vancouver. All of our offices offer a modern appeal and sedation dentistry benefits, but choose according to your esthetic desires and convenience factor.
◦ Bring a distraction device for you or your child – whether it is their favourite stuffy or your iPod, having something familiar or distracting that will calm you or your child’s nerves is a great way to get through your appointment with ease.

DentistsRUs delivers dentists in Burnaby, Langley, the Tri-City’s, New Westminster and Coquitlam who can keep you calm and have you smiling – both when you arrive, and when you depart!

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