Seniors donning toothless grins have become a thing of the past, largely because oral health practices have thankfully improved greatly with each and every decade.

That being said, senior’s oral practices require a small bit of added attention beyond regular brushing and flossing, which is why DentistsRUs wanted to offer caretakers and seniors alike these dental health tips for seniors!

Regular Oral Care – Still Important for Seniors
It might go without saying, but we still think it’s worth reminding our seniors and caregivers that regular oral care is an ongoing important part of daily care routines. This means brushing twice daily and flossing once a day as well.

Regular Dental Checkups – Maintain this Must for Seniors
Regular dental checkups are not just for young people aiming to have healthy white teeth. In fact, seniors can sometimes even benefit more from regular dental checkups as dental professionals have the ability to detect other health issues that may be going on in your body, recognizable in the mouth. So keep up with your yearly appointments for optimal health!

Tooth Sensitivity and Seniors
Seniors are often bothered by tooth sensitivity, and this is often simply due to wear and tear on the teeth, making them more porous and susceptible to such things.

Sensitive teeth can be tackled by brushing with a toothpaste designed specifically for sensitive teeth, as well as with certain mouthwashes intended for the same issue. Any one of our dental professionals across the Lower Mainland can help you with seniors with their sensitive teeth concerns, and address areas such as cavities that may also be the cause for the discomfort.

Understanding Why Seniors Experience Dry Mouth
Medications can often lead to dry mouth, as well as menopause can be a factor. But once again – any of our DentistsRUs professionals can lead in you the right direction, providing solutions such as mouth rinses that can tackle dry mouth, and have you enjoy your senior years in comfort!

Aging is truly beautiful and can be better enhanced when your health is maintained, something one of our many dental professionals listed below would be happy to help you with, keeping you smiling and in tip-top shape for years to come!

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