As we touched on in our previous blog post, dry mouth can be caused by medication or health concerns you will want to uncover with your doctor or dentist. But there are additional reasons to be concerned about dry mouth apart from bad breath or medical issues, and at DentistsRUs – we want to help you understand what those might be!

Why Dry Mouth is an Oral Concern
If you suffer from dry mouth, it means that saliva is not being produced to cleanse your mouth or aid in the digestion of your food. Saliva helps to break down food, combat bacteria, and prevent infection caused by fungi. So you can see why a lack of saliva would be a concern!

Why a Dry Mouth is Harmful to Your Teeth
Dry mouth can actually affect the health of your teeth, including the enamel as well as the rate in which you teeth may decay.

Saliva is part of the process that helps clean your teeth and protect them. The slippery liquid keeps your teeth moist and slicks away a lot of food and drink particles, as well as contains helpful bacteria to combat the harmful bacteria.

Without saliva, your mouth and teeth become “sticky”, and attracts all forms of bacteria, leading to acid, leading to tooth decay.

Symptoms of Dry Mouth
Symptoms of dry mouth might go without saying – it feels dry. But apart from this sticky and dry sensation in your mouth, you might also feel thirsty, have sores or cracks along the corners of your mouth and lips, a dry throat, tingling on the tongue, as well as hoarse voice and dry nasal passage.

So What Are the Treatments or Solutions for Dry Mouth?
Once all source have been eliminated and addressed as to the cause of your dry mouth, xerostomia is one of the ways to help to reproduce simulated saliva, which can be discussed with your dental professional along with other treatments and solutions.

Dry mouth is never fun for anyone, and at DentistsRUs, we are always happy to provide our patients with solutions, ensure their oral health is well maintained, and send them home smiling!

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