As with any holiday that serves up sugar-riddled treats, DentistsRUs likes to provide an alternative.

Of course Easter is always hopping with fun; from marshmallow easter bunnies, to fun-filled egg hunts, to baskets brimming with chocolate. But as with Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and other such holidays …these sugar-laden festivities can cause concern for kids and parents alike. From hyperactivity, to health concerns, to sugar-overload attacking the enamel on your child’s teeth.

However, there are ways to replace the sugar-fest with equal or even more enhanced fun. And we’re here to help provide you with these sugar-substitutes and revisions for the traditional Easter Egg Chocolates!

Basket Full of Exotic Fruit

We get it. Most kids won’t be excited by an average bowl of fruit in place of a pile of candy, but what about exotic fruit they may have never experienced before? This can be an adventure in taste buds and in learning.

Add some dark chocolate into a melting pot, and enjoy a healthy fondue with the entire family!

Sugar-Free Baking

There are many sugar alternatives that children wouldn’t even be able to taste the different between. From cakes to cookies, and cupcakes to even chocolate itself, there are many recipes out there offering sugar alternatives well worth a try!

Replace Sugar with Fun

Instead of treats, what about having some old-school fun? That’s right …we mean boiling real eggs, getting out the paints, and making beautiful creations with your kids. It will be memorable for many years thereafter!

Although these ideas might seem simple and small, often times a new idea and a fresh take on an old tradition, can bring new life and fun to the table. We hope these ideas will offer exactly that!

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