Enamel is the hardest substance produced by your body, yet the easiest to break. It’s likely most of you have experienced it – chipped teeth due to crunching on ice, chomping on popcorn, or even the unsuspecting culprit – a bagel.

Skin has an amazing way of regenerating itself, but not so much when it comes to teeth. In fact – not at all. The only living creatures that can actually regenerate their teeth are beavers.

A lot of us can attest to enjoying a good popcorn crunch, but when it comes to popcorn kernels, they are the largest enemy of teeth. Especially for those of you who have large fillings that have not yet been crowned, these teeth need to be taken special care of, as they are more prone to cracking, chipping and breaking entirely.

Oral Piercing & Your Teeth

Tongue and lip piercing cannot only chip your teeth, but they can and do also harbor bacteria. This is a concern for your oral health as it could lead to the increased risk of decay.

A study published in the American Journal of Dentistry in 2007, reported that 14-41% of people with oral piercing suffered from fracturing of the teeth. They also noted that piercing in the mouth may cause significant oral deformities, and may lead to tooth loss. Ouch!

At DentistsRUs, we understand the emergency concern related to a chipped or cracked tooth. It is neither comfortable nor esthetically pleasing to have a tooth that is misshapen, so take extra precaution when it comes to both your piercing as well as your food choices.

Feel free to call us with any emergencies you might have, and one of our dental professionals will attend to you promptly!

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