At DentistsRUs, we provide a list of dental professionals to communities throughout the Lower Mainland, and we believe that being community minded is an important part of our care.

Some of the greatest influencers within these communities are moms, so we wanted to offer them a written token of our appreciation!

May 10th is Mother’s Day

As you are all (hopefully) aware, May is the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day …and there couldn’t be a more fitting month to do so. With the April showers bringing the May flowers, our surroundings are in full bloom for a beautiful Sunday brunch with mom. Alternately, a bouquet of flowers and breakfast in bed would be well received too we’re sure.

How Does Mom Do It?

Moms seem naturally inclined to put themselves last, in order that the first place position be able to go to their children.

…late nights to finish up that – what feels like – the 47th load of laundry. Sleepless nights when the kids are sick. Early mornings – even after the late or sleepless nights. Terrible two’s. Even more terrible teens. Endless laundry. Refereeing siblings. Refereeing sports. More laundry. Birthday bashes, graduation soirees, holidays that were never missed out on but always enhanced by moms special touch. And did we mention the laundry?

Modern Day Mom

Oh, and then there is “modern may mom” who is juggling more than ever.

Full time jobs managed around school and daycare schedules. All while including the balancing act of any out of school activities, weekend events, laundry, carpooling, groceries, date nights with the spouse, fostering relationships with friends, bath time, story time …and then more laundry. These renaissance women of circa 2015 are in a battlefield of parenting all unto itself.

Don’t get us wrong. The moms of yesteryear also had their own set of challenges. Doing laundry by hand??? We rest our case!

Mother’s are truly a gift to be cherished. So this coming Sunday, May 10th …be sure to do a BIG something special for mom. At DentistsRUs, we feel she definitely deserves it!

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