The History of Fluoridated Drinking Water

Grand Rapids, Michigan was actually the birthplace of fluoridated drinking water, and it was introduced as a means to help fight tooth decay back in 1945.

In and around that same time, a group of dental professionals based out of Wisconsin, succeeded in having this state’s water system fluoridated as well.

Additional testing followed, and it was stated that – introducing fluoride into water reduces cavities by as much as two-thirds. So 6 short years after the introduction of this process, the U.S. Public Health Service urged every state to fluoridate public drinking water.

Although there is still a mixed debate on whether or not the process of fluoridating water is harmful to general health, it still reigns true in the scientific community.

The Truth Behind False Teeth

False teeth are becoming less and less of a reality for those who have lost their permanent teeth. With most individuals taking better care of their teeth, and dental plans making maintaining ones dental health a more affordable option, dental professionals only pull teeth as a last resort.

Whether using implants, creating bridges, or providing dentures …“false teeth” are pretty much non-detectable thanks to modern dentistry techniques.

George Washington was the first notable individual to have false teeth, and at that time, false teeth were very much noticeable. Popular history even gives GW wooden teeth in humorous context, as they were so unsightly. In fact, this first president’s false teeth came from both human and animal corpses. Yich!

As gruesome as this practice might seem, dental practitioners that came before the dawn of Washington, had very esthetically pleasing restoration practices – including using ivory and bone to recreate teeth.

This was a lost art form in dental history, and beginning in the mid-1800s, “bad teeth” were simply extracted …lack of esthetics and all.

Finally, in 1839, vulcanized rubber was discovered, laying way for false teeth to fit nicely on the gums of individuals who needed them. Modern dentures are now made from either plastic or ceramic materials, and last much longer.

Historical dentistry holds a lot of truths and interesting facts, and at DentistsRUs we know one fact remains true – a healthy smile is a priceless smile! Allow any one of our dental professionals to keep your smile healthy, now and for years to come…

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