Root canals might not be as pleasant as a walk in the park, but they do not need to be unpleasant either. In fact, a root canal is a common procedure very much like a filling. Although there is more time needed to complete a root canal, there should be no additional discomfort involved during or after the root canal is complete.

So What Is A Root Canal?

Firstly you need to understand that the 4 types of tissue that make up each tooth: pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum. The very inner core of your tooth is called pulp, and is comprised of connective tissue including nerves and blood vessels, each of which provide your teeth with nourishment.

If your pulp becomes diseased, you will need to have this pulp removed – this is known as a root canal.

What Is The Process Of A Root Canal?

A passage way will be created inside your tooth in order to reach the narrow channels beneath the pulp chamber in the inner part of the tooth, this area is hollowed out and cleaned, and the roots are then filed with flexible nickel titanium files.

A root canal procedure involves tooth disinfection and the removal of all debris (nerve tissue, lymph tissue, blood tissue, bacteria and infection) from the coronal pulp chamber and its associated canals. Once an affected tooth’s canals are sufficiently cleansed and shaped, they are filled with material designed to prevent pain and infection from recurring.

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