Choosing which oral care products to use in a drugstore isle filled with options can sometimes be confusing, so at DentistsRUs – we wanted to clear up some of the confusion as it pertains to electric toothbrushes in this ‘Go Electric and Give the Gift of a Healthy Smile!’ post.

The Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush
When used correctly, an electric toothbrush truly can help increase your oral care, and provide you with a great tool to help make your teeth, gums, and tongue cleaner and healthier than a manual brush.

Because brushing ones teeth can be difficult in the younger years, teeth tend to not be cleaned in the most optimal manner. Whether reaching back-teeth is an issue, or proper technique is confusing, getting into all the oral nooks and crannies for a kid is a cumbersome routine.

Manual vs. Electric
Manual toothbrush bristles have a harder time reaching certain areas within the mouth, and getting to that pesky plaque buildup between the teeth, which is where an electric toothbrush – with it’s various features – can assist in helping create a cleaner mouth.

From rotating heads, to vibration, to timers giving the proper time needed to actually clean your teeth, to the motion and pressure an electric toothbrush provides, these things working together helping to dislodge food and scrub away plaque without the manual labour.

We get it, your child may not be thrilled with an electric toothbrush in their stocking, but we’re pretty sure parents will be thrilled with the results of your child’s healthy smile.

Whether they are just learning to brush, or have recently received braces – an electric toothbrush can assist in a more effective all-over clean for young kids, teens, and the adult crowd as well!

A Word of Caution Regarding Electric Toothbrushes
Using an electric toothbrush isn’t a way to conquer cavities, nor is it a fail-proof system to keep your teeth free of plaque and bacteria. An electric toothbrush is simply an oral care tool that still needs to be implemented twice a day for the proper duration of time to clean your teeth, used along with daily flossing to fully gain the benefits.

At DentistsRUs, we hope this helped you better understand the benefits of what using an electronic toothbrush can do for your oral care routine, and provided you with an oral care tip to keep those smiles “merry and bright” for 2017!

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