Resolving to be a healthier happier human for 2016 is a great start to ensuring a successful New Year. Often times people consider large life-changing resolutions that aren’t the easiest to keep, but there are ways to better ensure you are smiling more this coming year. And with a happy attitude, will likely also come more productive efforts. So allow us to help you, help you!

Eat Happy Healthy Food

Happy food is food that is still alive. Uncooked fruits and veggies in their natural form are chalk full of nutrients that will give you energy, and stop the sluggish carb-induced comas we often deal with on a daily basis.

So crunch your way to a healthier smile, as well as a healthier body, with fresh fruits and vegetables – even if you have to spice them up with a dip of your choice, it’s still a healthy choice overall!

Christmas Chocolate Carnage

Still holding on to those last few boxes of remaining chocolates? Toss them before the New Year comes so you are not tempted to indulge in your sweet tooth. Having tempting treats that are in arms reach will likely lead you to indulging, so take away the temptation, and smile broadly at your self-control!

When the Smoke Clears, Happy Healthy People Emerge

Smoking is the cause of stained teeth, bad breath, tooth loss, gum disease, oral cancer …and many other not-so-happy things. So set yourself up for smiling success and a healthier happier you by quitting!

Electric Toothbrushes and Waterpik’s

Rev up your brushing routine with an electric toothbrush, and follow it up with a Waterpik flossing option. This dynamic duo will better ensure your teeth are fully clean, white, and oral-concern free for 2016!

Visit a Caring, Qualified Dentist

At DentistsRUs, we deliver caring, qualified dental professionals throughout the Lower Mainland. Their main concern is happy healthy patients who hold no fear of visiting a dentist because of the positive experience they have each and every time they visit one of our locations. Feel free to click or call any dentists convenient to your location, and start 2016 with the happy healthy smile you deserve!

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