We have covered harmful bottle habits in the past that can cause decay before your child’s teeth even emerge. But there are also harmful habits that can be created once your toddler begins to request juice, and other such favourite drinks.

As with sugary foods, sugary drinks can also cause decay. Especially if your little ones are sipping on them throughout the day. If your toddler is still holding a bottle hostage between their teeth, try and begin to wean them off with an actual cup. This prevents them from sipping on juice for hours throughout the day, exposing their teeth to harmful sugars. This type of behaviour is a major cause of tooth decay in toddlers and young children.

Beverage Options for Your Toddler

Unsweetened fruit juice with your child’s meal is ideal, as any juice containing vitamin C will help with the absorption of any iron-rich foods they may be consuming.

Also, you can dilute your child’s juice so they are not growing accustom to sugar-riddled drinks.

Keep in mind, that even if a juice container states “no sugar added”, this doesn’t mean that other types of sweeteners haven’t been included. So be sure to read the ingredients for glucose and fructose type references.

Best Beverages for Your Toddler

Water or milk is the ideal beverages for your toddler. Neither will harm their teeth, and they won’t offer your toddler palate an awareness of sugar, and increase their cravings for this sweet substance.

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