Oral health concerns can seem more prominent in females over males, and this is due to the hormonal changes women experience throughout their lifetime, some of which can of course affect males too as we will list below.

Because hormones can effect the blood supply to gum tissue, it can slow the response to toxins in the body that naturally occur – including plaque buildup. Which is why maintaining your dental checkups is important at certain key developmental stages in life, in order to detect concerns such a periodontal disease and other gum diseases and oral health issues.

Hormonal Stages that Effect Oral Health
Puberty is a significant time for both males and females, and it is a time when the influx of hormones can effect blood flow to the gums – often causing red and/or sore gums – causing bleeding when you floss or brush. During this time regular dental visits are important for oral health maintenance and preventative care.

Birth Control is a big contributor to hormonal changes in females, which can result in swollen gums and alterations to your salivary glands. Some studies show that birth control can even be a contributor to canker sores. So be aware of the changes to your oral health after you have begun oral contraceptives, and inform your doctor or dentist of any concerns.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in any woman’s life and will also alter your hormone levels. Women who are considering becoming pregnant should have a full oral exam prior to this if possible, or if your pregnancy is an unplanned delight – still go in to your local dental professional as soon as you can as gum disease called “pregnancy gingivitis” can be a concern during this time.

Menopause also brings about hormonal changes and can result in a change to your taste buds, create an oral burning sensation, bring about hot and cold sensitivity in the mouth, and sometimes cause a decrease in saliva production causing dry mouth.

At DentistsRUs, we believe all stages of life are important to monitor as it pertains to your oral health, and preventative care is the best method overall. Which is why we offer a vast variety of dental professionals across the Lower Mainland who can be reached with a simple click or call, and help you easily maintain your oral health through every season of life!

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