Teenagers want straight white smile, just like their peers they see in movies, magazines, and on their steaming devices from a variety of outlets. At DentistsRUs, we applaud this “want”!

The “how do I look?” peer pressure…

Peer pressure has always existed, but has shifted over the years when priority is placed on different criteria. And that criteria for 2015? A white, straight smile.

How can your teen improve their smile…

Thanks to modern dentistry, correcting the problem of misaligned teeth doesn’t only have to be conducted with traditional braces. Invisalign Teen is another option to consider, or even veneers could be an option for your teen.

Not only will straight teeth improve the appearance of your teen’s smile, it will also aid in their oral health in a long-term manner, shifting their teeth, and helping their gums and jaw joints by spreading the biting pressure over all the teeth.

Teens and tooth jewellery…

Tooth jewellery has thankfully subsided in popularity in recent years, but a lot of teen icons still sport tooth jewels, which are affixed to a single tooth with dental cement. Although these are best put on by a dental professional, the issue that arises is the plaque that forms around the jewel, and general care for this new tiny mouthpiece.

Teens and oral piercings…

Oral piercings are also not as popular as they once were with teens. However, if your teen has chosen to get one, they should be aware of some common concerns that come with oral piecings, such as…

  • Oral infection and inflammation of the tongue, cheeks and gums
  • Blood infections
  • Chipped teeth (a common and big concern)
  • Difficulty eating and swallowing
  • Poor oral health due to being able to keep the mouth clean with an oral piercing

At DentistsRUs, when you smile we smile. So stop by any one of our conveniently located dental offices around the Lower Mainland, and allow us to help give your teen their best smile yet!

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