The Christmas holiday season is filled with office parties and family gatherings o’ plenty, and at DentistsRUs we feel that fresh breath is one of the best things you can bring to a party – along with your winning smile! So we’re here to help inform you on how to beat halitosis (bad breath) before the holidays…

First – Let’s Uncover the Cause of Bad Breath
There often isn’t just one factor that causes bad breath, although bacteria is commonly the main culprits behind creating it, other factors such as strong smelling food, acidic or alcoholic drinks can also add to the list of what can cause bad breath.

Also, smoking contributes to bad smelling breath, along with gastrointestinal issues, causing you to burp up gases and breathe out foul odors.

So …How Do We Combat Bad Breath?
Tasty treats can often lead to the souring of our tongues, so the first step in addressing bad breath is regularly brushing or scraping your tongue with a tool intended to clean it. Your tongue is a haven for bacteria, so cleaning it – just as you would your teeth – is important in keeping your mouth and breath a pleasant place.

In addition, food particles stuck between your teeth can also be the cause of bad breath as they can cause bacteria to grow, and this food can literally begin to rot or decay between your teeth. So be sure to floss every day for cleaner teeth and clearer breath.

Additional Ways to Treat Bad Breath
After brushing your teeth and tongue and flossing, mouthwash is also a great way to swish away scents and give your mouth a final clean.

Peroxide is also known to kill bacteria, so some people choose to swish with this, but use HIGH CAUTION in doing so as this is a poison to swallow

Also, consider increasing your water intake, as it is an amazing dilutor of many-a-thing, including bad breath.

Lastly, gum that contains xylitol can also help your breath, so look for brands that contain this specific ingredient.

At DentistsRUs, we understand the importance of fresh breath – both over the holidays and throughout the year. Our dental professionals are available to help you maintain and retain a healthy looking and smelling mouth – so call or come by one of our many Lower Mainland offices to help serve your oral needs!

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