A dental plaque self-examination is a great way to see if your child – or even you – are cleaning your teeth properly and aid in further reducing your risk of tartar and decay.

What Is Plaque?
Plaque is the sticky film that can build up on your teeth due to bacteria, and failing to remove it can lead to a hardened yellow substance known as tartar.

How Do You Test for Plaque?
There are various products you can use to temporarily stain your teeth and cause your plaque to show up in a more noticeable manner, and by using these product you will be able to see where your plaque is piling up.

What Products Are Used to Test for Plaque?
Plaque testing products include: disclosing solutions or disclosing swabs.

After brushing and flossing, these products will stain the plaque that was missed along your gum and between your teeth, and can be used at any time after brushing and flossing to ensure you or your child or yourself is getting rid of all plaque in all the in-between spaces for a perfectly clean smile.

Be sure to check your back teeth and not only the front section, as often this is where cavities are more likely to happen due to more wear and tear, and perhaps due to a lack or proper oral care and missed plaque buildup.

How Do You Use Plaque Testing Products?
Both the disclosing solution or disclosing tabs should have the appropriate instructions within the packaging, but overall you are going to swish with either product for about 30 seconds, and then using a mirror, uncover which areas are still harbouring plaque.

Is There a Taste or Discomfort to Plaque Testing?
There should be no discomfort in testing your plaque, and although the tablets can feel “chalky” to the tongue, this will be the extent of any “discomfort” in your mouth.

At DentistsRUs, we want to help our patients keep their smile healthy and white, and by implementing these practices you can help both yourself and your child ensure optimal oral health, and better guard against tartar leading to cavities!

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