Fresh breath is an important factor for most people, and although there isn’t a season that goes by without people seeking this out, summer is an especially important month to address your breath for a couple of reasons.

Hot Weather = Risk of Dehydration

Along with the fun and beauty of warm weather, also comes the risk of dehydration, which can actually a leading cause of bad breath. As much as you may think you are drinking your allocated amount of required water, dehydration statistics actually skyrocket over the summer months as people don’t realize they require more water to replenish the effects of sweating.

Dehydration = Bad Breath

The fun activities of summer can be really distracting and cause us to forget our regular routine, including the routine of staying hydrated. Dehydration can create a dry mouth, which – in turn, can create an unpleasant odor in your mouth.

In some cases dehydration can cause halitosis, a severe case of bad breath due to bacteria multiplying rapidly when your mouth becomes dry.

Just as dehydration can make your skin appear dry and parched, it will do the same to your mouth as well. And drinking water not only keeps you hydrated, it also helps to naturally clean your mouth of food particles between brushing, and can wash away the staining properties of coffee, red wine, and other drinks and food.

The Signs of Dehydration

The signs of dehydration include a feeling of fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramping in more severe cases, as well as dry mouth. The obvious way in which to guard against this is by drinking plenty of water, and opting for room temperature over ice-cold water, as it absorbs into the body more readily.

At DentistsRUs, we all look forward to the summer months, and the joy it brings with family and friends. So as summer quickly approaches – we wish on everyone a safe and healthy one by staying properly hydrated, and regulating your sun exposure.

Feel free to visit any one of our Lower Mainland dentists over the summer to ensure your oral health is in good standing, and keep your breath fresh season after season!

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