It seems every holiday comes riddled with sweet treats. With Valentine’s fast approaching, the cupcakes and cooking and chocolates are plentiful, and the will to say “no thank you” seems like a denial of life’s little pleasures.

Regardless of if you choose to dine on sweets regularly or not, cavities can become a concern if the correct oral practices are not at play.

What Is a Cavity?
Cavities are also known as tooth decay, and are caused from certain kinds of bacteria that cause acid to attack your tooth enamel, getting to the dentin below.

How Do You Prevent Cavities?
Oral hygiene and dental care is at an all-time high thanks to our health education system. People from all walks of life now have better access to dental care in which to treat their oral concerns, and even prevent them before they happen.

However, outside of the dental chair, there are also additional ways to guard against tooth decay – especially if you are a “sweet tooth” type.

Brush Brush Brush
We can’t say it enough – because brushing your teeth is one of the single most beneficial ways in which to guard against tooth decay. Brushing 3 times a day is ideal, so carrying a portable toothbrush to work or school is recommended in order to keep to such a schedule.
There are also disposable “finger brushes” you can purchase, and these are a quick and easy way to give your teeth a quick scrub on the go.

Floss Floss Floss
We can’t repeat this enough either. Food particles between your teeth cause bacteria to build up in that area, attacking the teeth until which time you free the food and plaque with floss.
We get it – flossing can seem tedious, but it can also save your teeth and keep discolouration from happening between the teeth – often making your teeth appear yellow, and even aging you.

Symptoms and Signs of a Cavity
• A sore tooth that comes with the feeling of discomfort, or even sharp shooting pain
• Sensitive teeth that react to sweets, and/or cold or hot foods or drinks
• Pain in your teeth or jaw area while chewing

At DentistsRUs, we want to help PREVENT tooth decay wherever and whenever possible. So even if you do suffer from a “sweet tooth”, it doesn’t mean you need to suffer from a cavity.
So call or click on any one of our dental [professionals in the Lower Mainland, and ensure your teeth are in good shape for Valentine’s …and the many holidays ahead!

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