Smiling is either a response that comes from within, or it is a forced gesture to ensure those around you feel positively in your presence. But there are ways to create an authentic smile, and at DentistsRUs – we wanted to share with you 3 easy steps on how to reset your smile!

Learn to Reset Your Smile Amidst World Chaos
It’s true, the news is filled with “scary bad stuff”, and although there are unfortunate happenings that go on around the world, this – by no means – is the norm of human nature.

We simply can’t paint the world with a broad stroke brush that comes from bad news, because truly there is exceedingly far more good that goes on in this planet than that of the bad variety.

So harness a happiness reset by being sure to balance out the reality of all that is good on the globe, with the world chaos you hear about.

Refocus to Reset Your Smile
Worrying about “what if’s” is basically like basing your truth on a non-truth. By focusing on what you have control over, it can elimate a lot of worry that is likely inconsequential to the outcome.

Don’t give away your mental ease based on forecasted potential unease, adopt fresh ways of thinking and allow negative thoughts to pass you by as if on a conveyor belt – picking up what are good thoughts, and letting the bad ones continue their journey without you. This will help you to refocus and reset your smile.

Have a Giggle to Create a Smile Reset
Fun and laughter are the not-so-secret ingredients to making life a worthwhile journey. Often times our response to a negative occurrence is to become upset – whether that is sad or mad. But because every negative emotion derives from fear, looking at what it is your fearful about in the negative situation can help you better navigate your way out of it, and give you the opportunity to chuckle at yourself and at the situation in order to get through it. After all, perhaps the circumstances are so “out of control” that laughter is the only response worth giving it.

Gandhi is quoted as saying that: “happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” …and at DentistsRUs, we aim to help all our patients harmonize their happiness with a healthy smile …giving them just one more reason to enjoy the positive side of life!

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