Hyaluronic Acid has emerged as a source of health and overall wellness, with cosmetic benefits likened to BOTOX. It is defined as: a slippery substance that lubricates the joints, maintains the shape of the eyeballs, and is a key component of connective tissue.

Your tissue, including your skin and gums, consist of this “connective tissue”, and research has found that Hyaluronic Acid plays a key role in repairing and maintaining this tissue.

Gum disease is a common problem around the world, and is the single biggest cause of tooth loss.  With healthy amounts of Hyaluronic Acid in your system, or by acquiring it artificially in liquid or pill form, it will help your gums regenerate and increase your ability to maintain fresh healthy gum tissue, reduce inflammation, and decrease or eliminating gum bleeding.

Studies also show that applying the gel form of Hyaluronic Acid (known as Gengigel), can help to reduce gum bleeding, and also reduce the likelihood or effects of gum disease.

Not only does Hyaluronic Acid benefit your gum tissue regeneration, but it also aids in helping wounds to heal faster, increases your overall energy, aids in dry skin as it holds 1000x a cells normal retention of water – offering that “BOTOX appeal” as we mentioned, increases muscular strength and improves mental alertness.

Hyaluronic acid supplements are not necessarily on the “affordable” spectrum, but with these types of benefits, they seem to outdo themselves in cost over results.

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