Maintaining your child’s oral health from an early age will save you a lot of cost and concerns down the road. Early childhood cavities are an unfortunate common reality, which can sometimes be caused by the overnight use of bottles, or toddlers who trot around often with a bottle in their mouth.

Even before the first tooth erupts, your child’s teeth are developing and their oral health (or poor oral health) has begun. So keeping their gums clean, and resisting the urge to comfort them with the use of a bottle as they sleep or continually throughout the day, will result in a more positive outcome.

The Importance of Prompting Natural Saliva in Your Child’s Mouth
Saliva actually cleanses the mouth regularly, and contains good bacteria to ward off the bad. Sugars within milk and juice counteract this, creating sugars in the mouth, which can often lead to tooth decay – again, even before teeth have emerged. These sugars can be absorbed through their gums and begin the decaying process, which will not be noticed until their teeth erupt.

So work to keep their palate clean to better ensure a cavity free mouth.

Tooth Loss Caused by Early Childhood Cavities
Early childhood cavities can lead to the need to remove these teeth as they have the potential to also harm the adult teeth growing beneath them. Which means, your child could be without some of their “baby teeth” until their adult teeth come in.

Solution to Early Childhood Cavities
Starting early with your child’s oral care is priority #1. Which means cleaning their gums with a clean cloth, putting them to bed without a bottle, and bringing them into the dental office within 6 months of their first tooth appearing. These might sounds like simple solutions, but prevention is key to positive oral health.

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