There is a lot to be said about the value of traditions, but sometimes traditions can be an antiquated process that isn’t always beneficial or necessary. Traditional braces are one example of such a thing, and that is where Invisalign Teen comes in to replace traditional with modern.

Without a doubt, a straight and healthy teeth will never go out of style. So helping your teen achieve such a smile is a great investment for the long life your teen has ahead of them, and although Invisalign been around for quite some time, Invisalign Teen is a newly branded approach with teens in mind specifically.

Because teens often live active and social lives with sporting activities, dance, drama, music and many other things, having a teeth straightening system that is removable – or essentially invisible – can help them get through these sometimes difficult years with peace of mind, but without foregoing any necessary dental treatments.

Depending on the structural issues and concerns you might have regarding your teens teeth, Invisalign Teen may or may not be the right solution for them.

Understanding Invisalign Teen

Invisalign is a method by which your teeth are gradually straightened with retainer style aligners. These aligners are intended to be worn 24/7, only being removed during eating and brushing. However, as it pertains to teens, the flexibility to remove the aligners for sporting events, or speaking events as mentioned, is something they can choose to exercise. It will just slow the straightening process.

Teen Invisalign retainers are made of clear plastic, which is one of the many draws to this product as it is virtually invisible. They are comfortable to wear with little issues to be concerned of.

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