As with a lot of our other seasonal holidays, Valentine’s Day is yet another candy-riddled celebration. From chocolate to cinnamon hearts, your teeth are once again bracing for a sugar attack, and as such – we wanted to offer you some teeth-saving solutions post-Valentine’s.

Candy We Don’t Love

We understand the love affair most people have with candy – especially kids, but there are certain candies that dentists – in particular – would want you to be wary of …and the list reads like this:

Hard Candy

Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s …or any other day of the week, hard candy is simply hard on your teeth. So if you’re going to reach for a treat, keep it soft.

Sticky Candy

Sticky candy sticks to the pits and surface of your teeth, and left for too long, can begin the decaying process. So again – stick with something soft that will dissolve quickly, and not require a pickaxe to remove from your toothy parts.

“Fake” Chocolate

You know the kind we speak of. The cheap chocolate that tastes more of sugar and oil, and less of chocolate. Look for ingredients that begin with cocoa butter and chocolate …and then you know you have a recipe for something real, and slightly more “healthy”.

Adding fruit to your chocolate can also make for a fun, yet healthier options. Chocolate fondue can be both a treat as well as an event for the whole family!

Other options around Valentine’s include gifts that are active. An outing instead of a sugar fix …providing the happy and the healthy result one would hope for.

As with our suggestion to ration Halloween candy, same too with Valentine’s Day treats. Sitting with an open box of chocolates will definitely put you in a sugar coma …so limit your daily intake, and especially the daily intake of children.

At DentistsRUs, we are happy to provide you with a list of our dentists in your local community. Click or call one of our dentists conveniently located near you, and perhaps treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day checkup …because nothing say’s true love like ensuring your oral health is in optimal condition!

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