3D imaging is a fantastic, fairly new addition to modern dentistry. Not only can 3D imaging offer a more accurate dental diagnostic pertaining to surgery, prosthetics, restorative dentistry and orthodontics, it also delivers therapeutic options and integrates this beneficial imaging system into routine dental practices for better care.

At DentistsRUs, GALILEOS technology is used to better aid in specific diagnoses, as well as limit any medical procedures that might have been unnecessary if it wasn’t for the advancement of this imaging.

How Do CT Scans Work?

A CT scanner provides a detailed image of anatomy and disease through x-rays, and with any kind of x-rays – radiation is released in order to obtain an image below the skins surface. However, x-rays have shown no indication of harm, and the benefits largely outweigh any perceived risks.

When & Where Were CT Scans Developed?

The 1960’s saw many advancements within modern medicine – including dentistry. Ironically, England was the birthplace of CT Scans, emerging out of EMI Central Research Laboratories – a sister company to a record label that produced the Beatles. And it was the Beatles who actually helped to fund the creation of our modern day CT scanners, making way for all of the aforementioned improvements to modern dentistry around the 80’s era, when technology was fast enough to keep up with this systems requirements.

So if your dental professional has mentioned that you could benefit from a CT Scan in order to better understand the dental concerns you are having, it will be highly beneficial for you to do so. A CT Scan will quickly allow your dentist to uncover your oral needs, and they can be addressed more accurately as well.

If your dentist does not offer CT Scans, feel free to stop by or call one of our DentistsRUs dental locations, where CT scans are offered in-house to help our patients arrive at a diagnosis quickly and accurately. We look forward to serving you!

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