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Forfeiting imperative dental treatments due to a fear of dental procedures can actually be detrimental to your health. Which is where sedation dentistry and DentistsRUs comes in to help save the day!

Wisdom Teeth Removal and Sedation Dentistry

Perhaps one of the most popular times in which sedation dentistry is used, is during wisdom teeth removal. Although wisdom teeth removal treatments can be a simple procedure, they do vary in involvement, and most patients choose to be sedated for their treatment, which can easily be done at a variety of our sedation dentistry offices in the Lower Mainland.

Sedation Dentistry – More Affordable Than You Might Think

People often have the misconception that sedation dentistry has a high cost associated with it, but you may be surprised to find out that it is more affordable than you might think. In addition, when it comes to your oral and overall health, foregoing dental care due to fear can cost you more than just your finances. So be sure to look into it before writing of sedation dentistry due to cost, by giving one of our dental offices a call to see what type of sedation might work for you.

Sedation Dentistry Explained

Sedation Dentistry is a process whereby you are given a medication administered directly into your bloodstream via a small plastic catheter to make you relaxed and drowsy. Throughout your treatment you will be calm and relaxed while still be aware to a certain level – this is order for you to be able to follow basic instructions while being carefully monitored.

As well as being sedated, a local anesthesia will be used to eliminate any physical discomfort during your treatment, keeping you of sound mind and of sound body.

Our dentist offices across Metro Vancouver offer both Sedation Dentistry & General Dentistry, including Wisdom Teeth Extractions and other cosmetic and general dental services. We offer direct billing services to most insurance plans, and our team of dentists and dental support staff are committed to working with you to provide dental care tailored to your individual needs – and look forward to doing so in a calm, relaxed environment!

Burnaby Sedation & General Dentistry | 250 – 3433 North Rd. Burnaby, BC
Langley Sedation & General Dentistry | #103 – 19978 72nd Avenue Langley, BC
Coquitlam Sedation & General Dentistry | #1412-2929 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam, BC
Port Coquitlam Sedation & General Dentistry | #103 3380 David Ave, Coquitlam, BC
New Westminster Sedation & General Dentistry | 243-800 Carnarvon St. New Westminster, BC

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Sedation Dental Group


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