Did you know that the majority of diseases within your body may be revealed within your oral health? In fact, 9 out of 10 diseases can result in oral symptoms, which means that your dentist can often be the frontrunner for detecting health problems that might be worth catching early. Yet another reason for regular dental visits beyond a simple cleaning!

Why You Should be Aware of Your Oral “Happenings”
While conducting your regular brushing and flossing, it is important to watch out for new or changing concerns inside your mouth – as they could be early warning signs of serious physical conditions.

Look out for things such as: jaw, gum or tooth pain beyond the normal discomforts, bleeding gums that are not simply caused by flossing or having brushed too vigorously, the random loosening or loss of adult teeth, bad breath unrelated to food or drinks, as well as patchy sores or lumps within your mouth. These could all be related to other physical ailments you will want to bring up at your next dental visit, or if your concern is great – make an appointment to see your dental professional ASAP.

Understanding Oral Concerns
Mouth and jaw pain could simply be a result of stress and jaw clenching, or it could be caused from sinus problems or gum disease. Your dentist will be able to deduce which area your concerns may be caused from, and alleviate it or give you advise on how you can do so.

Bleeding gums can be caused due to gum disease, or it can also be a way of finding out if you have diabetes. Bleeding gums along with other signs and symptoms such as dry mouth, fruity smell to your breath, or frequent oral fungal infections are something to take note of.

Loose or lost adult teeth can be caused by advanced gum disease, or a sign of osteoporosis, causing a decrease in bone density and the overall weakening of your bones – something your dentist can help you detect.

At DentistsRUs, we take all your oral concerns seriously and aim to help you detect the source of your problem. We offer a vast variety of dental professionals across the Lower Mainland who can be reached with a simple click or call, and can all be contacted below!

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