The holiday season is filled with festive events, which are often filled with alcoholic beverages – including red wine. Mulled wine in particular is a popular choice during Christmas and New Years, which can pose a concern of stained teeth and awkward smiles in public places. So we want to help you maintain the merriment of the season, while keeping your smile merry and bright too!

Avoid Immediate Brushing

Brushing your teeth immediately after drinking red wine can cause damage to your enamel due to wine’s high acidity, causing your teeth to become prone to abrasions when brushing. Instead, it is suggested you brush your teeth an hour before you are expecting to indulge, ensuring your teeth are clean of any plaque – which is what wine will mostly stick to, causing your teeth to appear stained.

Choose Sparkling Water

Sipping on a glass of sparkling water between glasses of wine will not only help you pace yourself, but it will also help you keep your teeth from staining. Sip and swish those sparkling water bubbles around in your mouth, and keep the night buzzing just right, and your smile beautifully white.

Dine on Cheese

Cheese and wine are the perfect pair for more reasons that just enhanced taste. The calcium contained in cheese, along with its sticky consistency, helps fill the micro-pores on your teeth, making it more difficult for your teeth to stain. So be sure to nibble cheese while you sip on your red wine to keep your smile white.

Stick to One Colour

Starting off with white wine and ending with red, can actually increase the staining effects. White wine is more acidic than red, and acts as a “primer” to opening up your teeth to the staining properties of red wine. So although you can switch up your wine brands and flavours at will, keep the colours consistent if you want to keep your smile fairly flawless.

It goes without say, but we will say it anyway …be sure to drink responsibly and never ever drive after you have reached the legal limit (which is only about 1-2 glasses of wine), as it is imperative to maintain your safety, and the safety of those around you.

Wishing you all a safe season, coupled with a beautiful white smile!

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