Teething can be a difficult time for both child and parent, so having a remedy at the ready is a great way to help your child transition during this time – as well as allow you to feel like you’re able to help the discomfort of your little one.

So without further ado …here are our “Remedies to Help a Teething Child”!

Apply a Cold Compress
Numbing the pain with a cold compress is an excellent first step in teething remedies. Simply put a clean, wet washcloth soaked in chamomile tea into a clean plastic bag and refrigerate it. Then allow your child to gnaw away at the cloth for a quick and easy fix – as well as tasty distraction!

Also, a refrigerated pacifier is another great go-to. Ensure you never freeze the pacifier as it can actually damage your baby’s gums. As well, always watch to ensure your child does not choke on anything they are putting into their mouth.

Self-Help Pressure
Putting pressure on your baby’s gums can help alleviate the pain. If you baby is not a fan of the previously mentioned cold items, a room temperature “chew toy” can be a great help. Some teething toys vibrate which also may help, as well as unsweetened teething crackers to solve hunger, create a distraction, and give them something solid to bite down on as a means of self-help.

Consider Numbing Cream
Numbing cream or gel is an over-the-counter remedy you can find at your local drugstore. Ensure you are only using age-specific numbing creams, as some could be harmful to your young child.

Look Into Pain Reducing Options
If nothing seems to be offering the help your child needs, child-specific painkillers can be given as recommended by a professional. Whether that is a dentist, doctor, or a pharmaceutical practitioner – but always ask about age-specific painkillers before offering it to your child.

At DentistsRUs, we want to ensure the oral health of your entire family is cared for – from the wee-ones, to teens to adults and seniors, we are here to help and have a dental professional ready to serve you in your local Lower Mainland neighbourhood!

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