At DentistsRUs, it makes us happy to be able to offer the simple, effective teeth straightening solution of Invisalign to our patients. This nearly invisible set of aligners can help you to achieve the straight smile you have always wanted, aiding in both confidence as well as your overall health for 2016!

Trading in Traditional Teeth Straightening Methods for a More Modern Approach…

Traditional braces have their place, but they can be a more apparent, and sometimes less comfortable way in which to straighten some of our patient’s teeth.

A lot of our patients are busy business professional whose lifestyle is not conducive with regular metal braces. Alternately, we also care for teenagers who are hesitant to have braces based on the mere look of them. So Invisalign has become a popular solution as a teeth straightening treatment for teens and adults alike.

Deciding if Invisalign is the Right Treatment for You

Not everyone will qualify for Invisalign treatments, as some cases require more intensive care than others. So your first step is to have a consultation with one of our dental professionals who can assess that, and allow you the opportunity to discuss your candidacy, cost, insurance coverage, and any other questions or concerns you might have regarding Invisalign.

You Qualify for Invisalign! Now What?

First, we will take x-rays and impressions of your teeth. Those are then sent to the Invisalign professionals who will create a digital 3-D image for you in order to see the finished result. Then …your treatment begins!

Multiple sets of Invisalign aligners will be created specifically for you, and you will change them ever 2 weeks or so, with checkups around every 6 weeks. You will wear these aligners every day – removing them only you eat, brush and floss your teeth.

With this type of schedule, your treatment should only take around a year …giving you the straight beautiful smile you have always wanted by 2017!

At DentistsRUs – you smile, we smile. Which is why we are thrilled to offer the simple solution of Invisalign to help you arrive at that smile.

We are pleased to offer our online directory to ease the process of locating a dental professional that provides Invisalign near you …so feel free to click on a dental professional in your area to make an appointment today!

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