We understand how a dental visit might not be the most sought after, or even the most comfortable experience to be had. However, at DentistsRUs, our Burnaby Sedation & General Dentistry office can provide you with a sound sleep during your next dental procedure.

Rest Easy with General Anesthetic

General anesthetic allows our Burnaby patients to be put completely to sleep under the safe and controlled conditions of an operating room environment. Our dental professionals maintain a watchful eye on their patients while they proceed with their dental procedures, allowing you to be calm and relaxed, and allowing them to do their work knowing you are both safe and comfortable.

Where Is General Anesthetic Administered?

General anesthetic has to be administered by a Certified Anesthesiologist, and the process must be completed in an operating room setting in order so that all of the necessary precautions can be taken to ensure the anesthetic is both given and received in the manner it is intended.

How Will I Feel Under General Anesthetic?

Simply put – you won’t feel anything. When under the influence of GA you have no awareness of what is going on, nor will you recall the procedure afterwards. So your body is free of awareness and your mind is free of afterthought.

Who Should Consider General Anesthetic?

  • Anyone considering a more difficult dental procedure such as wisdom tooth removal or implants
  • Those with specific medical conditions
  • Those allergic to local anesthetic
  • Those who have a true trepidation towards dental work and prefer the comfort of being unaware

If any of these reasons apply to you, consider calling or visiting our Burnaby Sedation Dental office for your next dental treatment. Additionally, you can find more information about this option @

We look forward to helping you achieve your optimal oral health in a comfortable manner!

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