Whether your kids are in a funk or you are feeling off, breaking out of a bad mood can be difficult.

Sometimes crankiness can be caused by a poor sleep or the need to eat, or irritability can be due to life stresses, but sometimes there is no “apparent” reason at all. Regardless of the reasoning, a bad mood can strike at any time, and for the most part they are normal.

The Cause and Effect of a Bad Mood
As it pertains to children having a bad mood, the reasons are likely very simple. Usually children are tired or hungry and require either food or sleep to help them emerge from their bad mood. Alternately, a sibling or someone at school may have said something that hurt their feelings; this is also a reason your child’s smile may have been lost. So be sure to ask questions and ensure the answer is as simple as one of those factors in order to stay on top of their overall health and wellbeing.

As for teens, hormones and the stress of future unknown changes can weight heavy on them. They are striving for independence; yet still require guidance without being made to feel like a child. The transition between childhood and adulthood can be challenging, so try and help your teen turn challenges into opportunities, and fear into truths. Puberty can come with no rhyme or reason other than the hormones it comes with, so try and add patience to your daily routine with your teen.

Adults, of course, encounter mood swings too, and it’s important to recognize the difference between a temporary bad mood and an ongoing sense of “heaviness” or depression. Ensure you have someone to talk to about the rigors of life who can quickly help you emerge out of your mood and get you into a smile.

The Cure for a Bad Mood
Children, teens and adults alike can all lift their mood by…
– Keeping a gratitude journal – as being thankful for something can help you realize all that you have, instead of focusing on that which you don’t have.
– Doing a good deed for someone else can also help you create joy by giving back, and in doing so – actually receiving in return.
– Listening to upbeat music can also help.
– Exercise is a great natural mood lifter – getting outside in nature could make all the difference.
– Get a better nights rest and enhance your diet with healthy food choices.
– Cry. That’s right, allow yourself to shed as many tears as needed to get it all out!

At DentistsRUs, we know that mood swings come and go, and we want to ensure that when you visit us you leave with a healthy smile. No matter what that takes – we’re here to help!

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