Spring break is a great time for children, teens, and adults alike – for all to take a breather from their rigorous school schedule. Whether you are simply enjoying the downtime, or taking this time to participate in some much-needed fun …spring break is the start of something fresh for many, giving everyone a reason to smile!

We might have said it before, but at Dentists R Us we’ll continue to say it …that a smile is the best accessory you can wear. Increasingly so, a white smile will brighten a room on a whole other level. A white smile is perhaps the hottest thing on the “accessory market” these days. That and healthy skin. From celebrities, to teens, to corporate professionals …everyone is taking conscious stock of their health, and the outer reflection of it. And a white smile has been deemed as one of the most effective ways in which to appear healthy.

We find it curious, that as recent as 20 years ago, people to the tune of 17% would lose their teeth caused by improper oral care. That number has dramatically dropped to under 7%, as more and more individuals are taking all the precautions necessary to keep their chompers.

In addition, Health Canada has made it easier for families who might not have previously been able to afford dental care for their children, to now being able to do so through their Healthy Kids program.

Clearly your oral care is our first priority, followed closely by the appearance of your teeth. From straightening methods such as Invisalign, to teeth whitening treatments via the Spa Dent services that our dental professionals offer …these are all ways in which to keep you both feeling and looking healthy.

Healthy teeth also impact your overall health in many ways, as we’ve touched on before. The World Health Organization has maintained its stance that poor oral healthy can and will affect your eating patterns, your sleeping patterns, your self-esteem, as well as your psychological well-being.

Consider this: have you ever woken up with bad breath? I think nearly all of us can attest to that. Imagine habitual bad breath being a concern due to cavities or gum disease? This is why the World Health Organization takes such a stance on the above mentioned issues of self-esteem and psychological well-being.

At Dentists R Us, we want spring break to provide both a resting experience for you, and also bring back a spring to your step that perhaps you have lost over the new year months that have lead up to it. It can be a dreary time in the Lower Mainland, but the sun is coming …and with it, perhaps considering donning a freshly whitened smile!

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