A beautiful smile is the hottest “accessory” on the market with teens these days. With the media showing off perfect white smile of celebrities and various TV personalities, teens want to emulate such perfection and gain or maintain their smiles in the same fashion.

Firstly, teens should know why a healthy smile is important…

A beautiful smile is one that not only looks good on the outside, but is healthy and structurally sound on the inside too.

With the teen years already being a difficult time to manage, having a crooked smile, yellow stained teeth, dental erosion or bad breath due to tooth decay or gum disease, can just add to the discomfort of puberty. So ensuring your teen is maintaining regular dental checkups, being fitted for braces when needed, or implementing a rigid daily oral care routine, are all important factors in keeping your teens smile healthy and their confidence high.

How a healthy diet can contribute to good oral health…

A healthy diet can help to minimize acid caused from bacteria and plaque buildup, which – if not addressed regularly through brushing – will cause decay, bad breath, and yellow teeth. So encourage your teen to eat right for a beautiful smile.

How smoking, alcohol or taking drugs effects oral health…

We hope for the sake of parents, these are not concerns you will run into with your teen. However, the reality is that smoking, alcohol and/or taking drugs are common contributors to a teen’s oral (and overall) health that need to be considered.

Simply put – smoking causes tooth stains, gum disease, tooth loss and mouth cancer. It is also a huge factor and cause for bad breath.

Alcohol can also cause mouth cancer, tooth decay due to the sugar content some drinks contain, and erosion if drinking is frequent and in large amounts. So combining alcohol with smoking puts your teen at more of a risk.

At DentistsRUs, we love seeing our teen patients smile. And we know that taking care of their teeth means more than just brushing and flossing. We’re here to help, and look forward to doing so!

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