All BC parents are bracing themselves for the excitement of the ‘back to school’ routine. Although everyone can likely agree that summer offered a lot of fun and family time, there is something to be said about getting back into the routine of school, and the beginnings of bundling up for the fall season.

But not everyone is likely happy about the re-emerging trend of school. And by “not everyone”, we mainly mean the kids.

Although school is a great place to re-engage with friends, go on fun fieldtrips, and enjoy seasonal school activities, not all children consider school to be a place of fun. In fact, it can pose as a place of stress for some youth, and with said stress – the potential for concern with your child’s oral health related to teeth grinding.

Do Children Grind Their Teeth?

15% to 33% of children grind their teeth, an occurrence that usually takes place when baby teeth begin to grow in, and when permanent teeth come in as well.

However, apart from these toothy growth spurts, stress can also be a cause for teeth grinding during both sleeping as well as waking hours. So it is important to be aware of and watch for this.

Other Reasons Children Might Grind Their Teeth

Teeth growth and stress are not the only reasons children grind their teeth. Improperly aligned teeth can also be the root of the problem, as well as illness, various medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies, pinworm, allergies and anxiety.

Will Teeth Grinding Result in Oral Problems?

Grinding baby teeth is not often a cause for concern, but as your child grows, grinding their teeth can cause jaw pain and headaches, the wearing down of the teeth themselves along with the enamel of the teeth, and TMJ.

At DentistsRUs, we understand that life can be stressful no matter the age or stage of growth. As such, we want to alleviate any areas of oral concern in order to reduce the risk stress and teeth grinding might cause your child. So if you have recognized this as a concern, call or come in any of our Lower Mainland dental offices, and consider having your child fitted for a mouthguard. It will help to reduce this concern greatly, and save your child’s teeth in the process!

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