With the fresh start of 2017 well underway, making positive lifestyle changes is still at the forefront of everyone’s mind – and at DentistsRUs we think there are ample reasons for real smiles. For those of you who perhaps are struggling for reasons, we’re here to provide you with some!

Smiling Makes a Heart Merry
As “fake” as it might seem to throw on a smile, smiling – even when forced – can actually brighten your mood and lift dull spirits by default. Scientists has found that purposeful smiling can truly help people feel more positively, creating a sense of happiness without altering anything but the curve of your mouth!

Fake Smiles Still Create Real Results
Choosing to smile actually can alter your brain chemistry, so for those who struggle with depression or anxiety, or are even simply having a bad day – throwing on a smile can mean the difference between blah to “tah-dah!”.

As we know, body language has a way of affecting those around us, but it can also have a positive affect on ourselves as well. Just like a confident stance can build your confidence, intentionally smiling can lift your mood and create an inner sense of happy.

So even though you may have start with a forced grin, the end results are still real, offering a smile that is authentically pleasing to both yourself and those around you!

Smiling Reduces Stress
A simple upturn of your lips will relax your facial muscles and calm your nervous system …and who knows, maybe once you jump that hurtle, laughter could be your next benchmark.

Laughter is the Best Medicine
Ever heard of laughter therapy? It’s a room filled with people prompting themselves to laugh in order to lift their spirits and rid themselves of a variety of negative feelings. If it feels a little too strange for you, consider it a workout, as laughter actually sends oxygen to the brain, releases endorphins, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and boosts your mood.

Smiling is a beautiful mood enhancer, and a bond we can share with those around us to help them lift their mood as well …something we at DentistsRUs encourages you to try to do often for 2017, and see your world change from the inside out!

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