As with your overall health, your diet can have an impact on your oral health as well. What you eat and the frequency of when you eat are both important factors, as your mouth responds to what you put in it and bacteria quickly converts sugars and carbs into potentially harmful acids.

Acid is what attacks the thin layer of enamel on your teeth and causes decay, so being a conscious eater is important to maintain your oral health.

Eat With Your Oral Health in Mind
The health of your mouth is well maintained when you eat foods such as meats and cheeses, as well as nuts and milk. These foods provide vital nutrients to your tooth enamel thanks to the calcium and phosphorous, which rematerialize your teeth – reducing acid and rebuilding tooth enamel.

Clean Your Teeth With a Crunch
Crunchy fruits and vegetables are also great ways to clean your teeth, as well as dilute sugars created in your mouth thanks to their high water content and also the stimulation of saliva.

Water Your Teeth
Your body is comprised mostly of water, and although your teeth are already formed and not directly effected by water itself, drinking plenty of it will keep your mouth clean and less likely to be harbouring bacteria, or even dislodge food from between your teeth. It is the best “beverage” to drink to maintain your health overall.

Keeping your teeth healthy should also include…
• Brushing your teeth regularly twice a day for a minute at a time
• Brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride
• Flossing once daily
• Rinsing with mouthwash if suggested by your dental professional
…and of course visiting your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings once to twice a year.

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