The Structure of Teeth

First, let us explain the structure of teeth. Your tooth is made up of 3 layers: the protective layer on the outside that is called enamel, a softer inner section that is often sensitive called dentine, and an even softer inner tissue called dental pulp.

Dental pulp is comprised of all the sensitive things such as nerve tissue, as well as blood vessels and lymph tissue …this inner core is what gives life to your tooth. Once dental pulp has been destroyed or traumatized in some manner – which can mean bacteria has crept into the inner core of your tooth, or your tooth has become fractured due to a facial impact – either one of these incidences can cause the tooth to begin to die, and a root canal will be needed to correct and prevent further infection.

The structure of teeth has one last element. Beyond the tooth and under your gums is a bony layer called cementum that covers the outside of the root and holds the tooth in place. Cementum is not as hard as enamel but it is as hard as bone, and it braces the tooth for the pressure of chewing and protects sensitive nerve tissue from hot and cold food.

The Natural Order of Teeth

Babies are not born with teeth, however, permanent teeth are forming beneath the gums even before birth. Once a child turns 3, they will usually have a set of 20 teeth, 10 lower and 10 upper, with each jaw containing 2 canines, 4 incisors and 4 molars.

The frontal teeth – also known as deciduous teeth – are the ones that help to prepare the permanent teeth to erupt accordingly and in their correct positions. The first set of teeth are also known as: primary, temporary, or baby teeth

These baby teeth are replaced by a set of 32 permanent teeth, which are also called secondary or adult teeth. These teeth grow just above the root of the baby teeth, and once the baby teeth are preparing to fall out, the root will begin to disintegrate as the adult teeth push their way down.

Knowing the structure of teeth, what your teeth are comprised of, the names of each, or the order your teeth grow in is not important. Maintaining the health of your teeth is…

That is why, at DentistsRUs, we provide you with a list of dental professionals in the Lower Mainland. Call one of our offices below to book a checkup and ensure the health of your teeth, or to ask any questions you might have

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