There are a variety of reasons your tongue cause you pain and various sores and bumps can occur, so at DentistsRUs, we wanted to help clear those up for our reading audience.

Causes of Tongue Sores and Bump
Biting or burning your tongue can cause a sore tongue, which will simply need time to heal. As well, grinding your teeth or clenching can make your tongue sore from the added pressure.

Smoking is another cause of tongue irritations, along with many other oral health concerns your dental professional can explain to you.

Canker sores are another factor – also known as mouth ulcers that look like red or white bumps, and although there is no known origin to canker sores, many attribute it to stress or even excess acidic fruits or vegetables.

Causes of a Burning Tongue
If you have a burning tongue, sometimes it is a postmenopausal symptom that should subside with time. As well, inflamed taste buds can create tongue swelling or an uncomfortable bump on your tongue – also known as enlarged papillae.

Causes of a Swollen Tongue
Diabetes and anemia can be contributors to a sore or swollen tongue, both of which your doctor can and should test for.

Lastly, oral cancer is a condition that will be taken into consideration, and your dentist will be able to better detect the symptoms and appearance of oral cancer.

Often oral cancer has no pain associated with it, and so it will only be detected if spotted during a dental visit. So making regular checkups a priority will help to ensure your oral and overall health is maintained and your tongue swelling, bumps or discomfort doesn’t become a concern that is truly concerning.

At DentistsRUs, we offer a variety of dental professionals and offices across the Lower Mainland. So if you are experiencing a sore tongue, or just need a general checkup – we can help!

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