Healthy habits are habits worth having, and with spring in the forecast – now is a great time to revisit those New Years resolutions and turn them into “spring forward” initiatives. And at DentistsRUs, we wanted to take a minute to help you with ideas on how to ‘Trick Your Brain Into Building Healthy Habits’!

Use Your Willpower Wisely
Willpower can be a bit of a wavering quality, largely because there are often external factors that dictate a person’s willpower. Whether it’s hunger, exhaustion, the affects of a bad day or any other number of things, you are the only one who can gauge your willpower – so set your goals in doable doses.

Small Goals Add Up to Big Differences
Just because you set small goals doesn’t have to mean they are going to take a lifetime to accomplish. In fact, it is more likely you will attain your goals if they are set in a small bite-sized manner.

Whether that means you move from little to no exercise, to a brisk 15 minute walk daily, or substitute one sugary or salty snack for raw veggies or fruit daily, or take up quiet meditation once a week – these small efforts can pile up to big differences and reprogram your subconscious into embracing bigger changes over time.

Early Habit Forming Tactics
Before you have a chance to talk yourself out of a daily goal, set to complete it early in the day in order to accomplish it before you have an excuse not to.

Quick and Easy Sets the Stage
Also, being prepared with healthy snacks on hand, or your walking gear laid out on your bed for after work, are small helpful ways to keep yourself in check and get you going easily and without excuse.

Most Importantly – Have Fun!
Be sure to make your new habits FUN so that you actually enjoy them, and in turn, your brain is trained to look forward to new habits. Often times a change in mindset can be all that’s necessary to create your environment and the idea that you’re having fun, so think positive thoughts and watch yourself slowly gain momentum in your healthy habits for spring!

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