Even the sight of the words: “root canal” can give one a dull toothache, but in reality – a root canal doesn’t have to be a terrible experience whatsoever once you understand the basics of a root canal.

What Is a Root Canal?
A root canal is an actual term for the natural space within the center of the tooth. But a root canal – as it pertains to a dental treatment that addresses the inside of the tooth – is where the nerve and pulp are removed in order to get rid of infection and risk of an abscess.

Is Removing a Tooth’s Nerve Bad for the Tooth?
The nerve within a tooth isn’t necessary for the tooth to be healthy or function, its primary purpose is to sense hot or cold, but the presence of this nerve, or lack there of, will not change the function of the tooth.

What Is the Purpose of Removing the Pulp?
When your tooth’s pulp is damaged, bacteria can begin to grow within the chamber where the healthy pulp normally resides. This can lead to infection and an abscessed tooth where puss can fill the pocket of the tooth and can lead to swelling of the face, neck and head.

How Does Root, Nerve or Pulp Damage Occur?
Deep decay can be the culprit behind inner damage to your tooth caused from either repeat treatment to a tooth, large fillings, cracks or chips to that particular tooth, or even trauma to the face due to a sports injury or other such things.

Is a Root Canal Painful?
A root canal is often mistaken as a painful procedure, but it is actually no more uncomfortable that a general filling. In addition, with sedation dentistry you can sleep your way through your root canal at any of our dental locations across the Lower Mainland.

What Should I Expect After a Root Canal?
For the first few days following your root canal the area may feel sensitive, which can be minimized with an over-the-counter ibuprofen, which will also keep any swelling or discomfort at bay.

At DentistsRUs, we can provide you with a dental professional in your local Lower Mainland area who can handle your root canal with ease and comfort on your part. Whether you choose to use sedation dentistry for your root canal, or just require a trusted dentist in your area – we can help!

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