At DentistsRUs we provide bone grafting, which is not a common dental term most people would be aware of. Basically, bone grafting involves surgery placing new bone – or a bone-like substitute – around a defective or broken bone within your jaw.

Whether the dental professional is taking the bone from your own healthy bone, (called an autographt), or whether your dentist needs to form it from a donated bone (called an allograft), or even if a manmade synthetic bone-like material is created and used, all of these means to an end procedures are called “bone grafting”.

Bone Grafting – The Process

Bone grafting requires the defective bone to be cut into in order for the bone graft to be shaped and placed into and around the area. Whether your jawbone needs mending, repairing or restructuring …the same process will apply to all of these concerns.

Once the bone graft is shaped and placed, it will most likely be held together with screws, pins or plates in order to keep it secure and solid. None of this should be felt, however, but there is a recovery period involved for your body to “accept” the new material in your jaw.

Bone Grafting – The Recovery

Depending on the extent of the bone grafting your had done, your recovery could be as quick as 2 weeks or as extensive as 3 months. Your bone graft will need time to binds and heal, and everyone’s body adjusts differently to this process.

Bone Grafting and Smoking

Anyone undergoing bone grafting surgery should know that smoking slows down the healing process, and in some cases – it can even prevent the bone from healing. So if you smoke, know that the bone graft procedure has an increased chance to fail.

Bone grafting is a very specific and specialized treatment; so don’t leave it to anyone but an expert in the field. At DentistsRUs, we provide such experts, and they can be found at a variety of our dental office across the Lower Mainland below!

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