At DentistsRUs, we want to clear up some facts about tooth decay, understanding cavities and separate truth from fiction – keeping our audience well informed and aiming to smile with a cavity-free grin!

Acid Causes Cavities – Truth
Acidic food and drinks causes your enamel to break down, which can lead to cavities due to weakening your teeth – making them more susceptible to decay.

Kids are More Prone to Cavities than Adults – Fiction
School-aged children are no longer at as high of a risk for cavities as they once were, largely due to better oral practices, fluorinated water and access to dental care. So although this may have once held some truth – adults are just as likely to get a cavity as a child is.

Sugar is the Source of All Cavities – Fiction
Acid produces bacteria, which causes cavities – so refined sugars are not the root cause of cavities because many food sources can be broken down into bacteria, which is what truly leads to cavities.

A Treated Tooth is a Cavity Free Tooth – True
Once a tooth has been treated, that specific area will no longer experience decay. Of course the surrounding areas still can, but overall – a treated tooth is a cavity-free tooth.

Fillings Need to be Replaced – Fiction
Every filling has a life expectancy, but with good oral hygiene practices and refraining from chewing on substances that shouldn’t be in your mouth, your fillings could – in fact – last a lifetime.

You Will Feel When You Have a Cavity – Fiction
You will not always feel when you have a cavity, and once you do, it is likely the cavity has grown in size and/or even become infected. Which is why regular dental checkups are important to regulate this, keeping costs down and keeping oral health up.

At DentistsRUs, we want the truth of oral care always to be at the forefront of our practices. So if you are looking for ethical, modern, highly trained dental professionals – give one of our offices below a call, or stop by any time for a checkup appointment to keep your oral health in optimal condition!

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