Oral concerns come in a variety of forms, which is where understanding mouth sores can help you better conclude what your concerns truly may be.

Mouth sores can lead to things such as the inability to eat or talk, and even interfere with sleeping. They can occur on the tongue, inside the cheeks and gums, or somewhere on your lips or palate.

Common Mouth Sores
The most common mouth sores include canker sores and cold sores.

Canker Sore – is a single yellowish ulcer with a red ring around it, or there can be multiple versions in a cluster and are often found on the cheeks, the tongue or the inside of your lip.

Cold Sore – is a sore that is filled with fluid and are found around the lips. They will dry up they will crust over within 3-7 days, but will likely feel tingly or even have a burning sensation right before the sore appears.

Other oral sores include discomfort due to biting your cheek, tongue or lip, which can occur unknowingly at night during sleep, or accidentally when chewing food. As well as mouth burns due to hot food or drinks, sensitivity to medication, or allergic reaction to food or drinks.

In addition, mouth sores can occur due to an autoimmune issues due to lupus, HIV, oral cancer, Crohn’s disease and other such inflictions. So it is important to see a dental professional if you feel your mouth sore seems out of place, reoccurring or terribly painful.

Cold sores and canker sores will go away on their own, but there are also over-the-counter medications that can help the discomfort, ease the appearance and quicken healing. And sores caused from biting your cheeks or from burning your mouth will take some time to recover from, but will heal on their own.

At DentistsRUs, your oral healthy and wellbeing is our priority, and we provide our patients with dental professionals across the Lower Mainland who can offer treatments quickly. So if you have an oral sore or concern you want to have looked at, call one of our offices below to book an appointment in a location that’s convenient to you!

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