Gum tissue is an important part of your oral landscape, as it keeps your teeth stable and protects highly sensitive areas or your teeth from harm and literal hurt. Which is why gum recession can put your teeth at great risk, and why maintaining healthy gums is so important.

Gum Recession and Bone Loss
Gum recession and bone loss tend to go “hand-in-hand”, so maintaining regular dental visits is highly important in order for your dental professional to detect and help prevent such things.

What Are Gums Made Of
Gums are made up of a tissue known as keratinized gingival, and is pink in colour due to the keratin content. Keratin can also be found in our hair, skin, and nails, and the strength of such things is based largely on the keratin in our body.

How Does Gum Recession Feel
Gum recession often has no feeling to it initially, as it is a generally slow process. However, as the teeth become increasingly exposed, they will become more sensitive to hot, cold and sugary foods, which will start to be felt by the root beneath where your teeth are lacking protection.

Causes of Gum Recession
Receding gums are caused by things such as chewing on hard foods, brushing with a toothbrush that is too hard, general wear and tear, as well as genetics.

Maintaining your dental checkups will help to ensure your gums remain healthy and concerns are addressed quickly, and at DentistsRUs – any one of our dental professionals around the Lower Mainland can aid in both the prevention and correction of gum loss.

So feel free to call any of our professionals below, and keep your gums healthy and your teeth protected for years to come!

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