At DentistsRUs, we offer a wide variety of services through our dental professionals across the Lower Mainland. One of these services is a procedure known as a Sinus Lift.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a bone graft procedure, and is performed in order to allow for a dental implant to the upper jar area. Although this is not necessary for every patient, some do require it in order for an implant to be successful, and the reasons include:

Jaw is too small
Sinus cavity is too large
Combination of both
Prior bone loss, making it necessary to build up the jawbone in order for the dental implant to be securely fit
How is a Sinus Lift Conducted?

Most patients opt to have their sinus lift conducted under local anesthetic, but depending on the extent of the bone grafting procedure, general anesthetic is also a consideration depending on comfort levels and extent of the surgery required.

From there, an incision into the gum is made where the implant is going to be implanted, the jawbone is also cut – creating a flap that is pressed gently up into the sinus cavity, and the space that was created in the jaw is filled with bone graft material.

Dental implants can sometimes then be inserted immediately, but depending on the individual, a healing period may be required prior to this. Healing can sometime take up to an additional 6 months, again – individually based, and it is highly important to fully heal in order for a successful implant to take place.

Sinus lift surgery may seem like a large under-taking. However, the benefits to patients who have undergone this surgery, and had successful dental implants, are more than pleased with the results.

At DentistsRUs, we love helping our local community achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. If you have been looking into dental implants in Vancouver and require a sinus lift, allow one of our many professionals to help you achieve your new smile with this permanent tooth solution!

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